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Wisconsin’s story is still being written, folding in the customs and traditions of everyone who calls this place home. You’re invited to help build a shared history of our state by contributing your photos, documents and audio files to the Recollection Wisconsin Shared Collection.

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The Birth and Rebirth of Martin Park

Florence and Margaret Jordan (author’s sisters)

It was an unknown wilderness, a forest of pine trees with a carpet of pine needles beneath, located on the east side of the bay. One of the first…

Mortgage release document from William Wrede for Gottlieb Wilhelm Findeisen

mortgage release Oct-2-1857.jpg

A mortgage release document from William Wrede for a debt owed him by Gottlieb Wilhelm Findeisen, signed October 2, 1857.

Notes from the…

Letter from Wilhelm Nockemann to Gottlieb Wilhelm Findeisen

1 letter-1850-Aug-26-cover.jpg

Letter from Wilhelm Nockemann, Milwaukee to Gottlieb Wilhelm Findeisen, care of Henry Martin, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, August 26, 1850, with a…