Memorial day with the NEW family


Memorial day with the NEW family


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While my sisters and I were growing up we hardly ever saw our father as he worked two or three jobs at a time. Then my parents divorced and we all thought we would never see him. Then came the first holiday as a family separated by divorce. It was Memorial day 1982. My father calls and asks us to come spend the day with him and his “Girlfriend”. So we girls arrive with our families/boyfriends and food (even though we were told “She” would take care of it ). Little did we know Dad had invited Mom and Jack (mom’s “other half”). So here we were, a NEW family.

Well there was more than enough food, enough to feed a big army!! ” She” had done a great job, made things we all loved, and most of all went out of her way to make us feel welcome. We ate, we played lawn games, we laughed talking about growing up and what was happening in the near future ( Weddings and grandbabies).

It’s now been 31 years, there have been many changes to our family, from new babies to loses due to divorce or death. The Memorial day party has moved from dad’s to my house or one of my sisters houses now but Mom and Jack are still together, Dad and “She’, well…she is Linda or Grandma Linda and has been since 1982. We went from a family of 8 to now a family of about 20 and growing. Memorial day is just a few days away and I am looking for new recipes and e-mailing my sisters for find out who is bring what, who has the volleyball and baseball gloves, and this year my dad’s 76th birthday falls on Memorial day so do we do red, white and blue birthday cake–You BET!!!!






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